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Engage programmers, install many more servers in the United States

For about a year now the PureVPN service has been execrable. I mainly use servers from the eastern United States and most are non-existent and / or do not work.

We are sent back to Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Canada, etc.
And when there is a US server available it's Los Angeles.

Those in the East are Miami and when it works.

The latest version and its previous version of the PureVPN client is pure s **t.
Or PureVPN does not have enough programmers and / or they do not know programmed and / or their bosses asked them to produce a client who lead people to servers whose destination has nothing to do with that chosen by 'user.

Is there a lack of server at PureVPN. It is clear that yes. Too many clients for the available servers give client software that does anything to plug the lack of servers.

But it does not work at all. At least four times a day we are disconnected.

No need to use the "Internet Killer Switch" unless you want to reinstall everything because it cuts the connection permanently and we do not know how to put it back.

The latest version of the client and its previous one no longer shows the IP. We understand why when we know that the city chosen (in the United States anyway) is not what we will have.

The latest version is so mediocre, disconnection 6 times or more per day, that we are forced to fall back on the version PureVPN 6.0.1. Which is buggy too.

But for people who know nothing about it and associate VPN with security without understanding PureVPN is perfect.

It gives the illusion that we are safe, that our IP is hidden, which is not the case because the client disconnects all the time now.

I do not think PureVPN, finally his bosses, will do a few things. All they are interested in is making money fast. And if they go bankrupt, they will all have kept their millions in tax havens. And they can reopen another company and do the same thing.

It seems that the quality of a product or service no longer matters. All we want is to make millions, billions very quickly.

And the Capitalist is a perfect system for that.

Well, it's probably my last year at PureVPN. They will be happy to get rid of me. Dissatisfied people are always wrong it's obvious.

At the very beginning of my subscription to PureVPN, a few years ago I gave 7/10. Which is good from me.
Today I give it 2/10.

The only thing constant is that the price is good. But I would rather pay more to have a more reliable service.

Of course, PureVPN will want to sell you an IP dynamic or whatever but these are additional costs that do not have a reason. Why pay since you already pay to a suppose good service?

I did not understand that we do not talk about PureVPN in the "Reviews". Now I know why.

Finally, we have the service for what we pay. And if we do not pay dearly and well the service is the same.

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